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KL2.5LM -A wireless mining light 2.8Ah original miners lamp

  • Min. Order:200 Piece(s)
  • Date of Delivery:15 days
  • Payment Type:L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Shenzhen Brando Technology Co.,ltd
Guangdong, China
  • Response Time: < 24h
  • Response Rate: 0%
Main Products: LED Miner Cap Lamp, LED flashlight, LED mining strip light
Model No.: KL2.5LM-A Brand: BRANDO Place of Origin: China
Packing: 1pcs lamp + 1pcs sin... Color: black Battery: 2.8Ah
Working time: 13hrs charging time: 4hrs Waterproof: IP67



1)High power LED light source, extra long lifetime (50000 hours)

2)Li-ion battery, compact and light weight, free of maintenance

3)Intelligent charging protection: anti-overcharging, current control, short circuit protection and anti-overheating

4)Safety: EXia IICT4 (Zone 1 and Zone 2) and CE certified. Our these lamps can be used in any other hazardous locations. 

5)  Water proof, current shock proof, moisture proof and impact proof



2: Instructions for use

1)In the first time using lamps,pls use our special charger or accorded charging rack to charging lamps firstly.when the lamps are under charging,charger indicated light is RED COLOR,when the charger indicated light turned GREEN COLOR,it means that charger have finished charging.                  

2)   When you press the button firstly, the main light and the auxiliary lights are on , press secondly, the lamp is off, press thirdly, the main light is on and the auxiliary lights are off, press fourthly, the lamp is off. KL2.5LM-C cordless cap lamp just has one main light, and has one strong brightness lighting.



3: Cautions

1)It is prohibited to assemble the lamp head or to replace the lighting source inside the mine.

2)Since the charger is not equipped with anti-explosion mechanism, it is prohibited to charge the lamp inside the mine.

3)Only maintenance personal can disassemble or repair the lamp and the charger.

4)It is strictly prohibited to throw the battery into fire or to heat it.

5)No shortcut the battery or to disassemble the battery.

6)Dispose used batteries suitably.

KL2.5LM -A wireless mining light 2.5Ah original miners lamp




Light source 1pcs main light and 6pcs auxiliary lights
Battery capacity 2.8Ah
Rated Voltage 3.7V
Main light current 230mA
Power of the main light 0.69W
Illuminous 96LUM
Brightness of the main light  3500lux
Life span for main LED  100000hours
Battery cycles  1200 cycles
Working time  13 hours
Weight   128g
Water-proof grade  IP65
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