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BRANDO LED Light Solution Mining Cap Lamp Manufacturer

  • Min. Order:200 Piece(s)
  • Date of Delivery:15 days
  • Payment Type:L/C, D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Shenzhen Brando Technology Co.,ltd
Guangdong, China
  • Response Time: < 24h
  • Response Rate: 0%
Main Products: LED Miner Cap Lamp, LED flashlight, LED mining strip light
Model No.: KL6-D Brand: BRANDO Place of Origin: China
Packing: 1pcs lamp + 1pcs US... Battery: 6.8Ah Panasonic B... Weight: 220g
Work Mode: Main Light -auxili... Light color: Cold White Charging Time: 6hrs
Working time: 18hrs

BRANDO is pleased to offer its latest series cap lamp, corded KL6M-D and cordless KL6-D. 
It utilises latest technics & processing, manufactured by integral moulding of plastics, TPV and tempered glass
Over-moulding Buttons, OLED window and main lens, completely waterproof and tamper-resistant
Series cap lamp, change back cover being cordless and corded lamp.
Plug & play cable replacement system makes maintenance quick and easy in KL6M-D


Newly Launch Series Cap Lamp KL6-D

The New KL6-D Cap Lamp utilises the latest LED and Li-ion battery technologies to provide underground workers with reliable bright light. 

The lamp is extremely robust, completely waterproof and tamperresistant. 

The lamp is ftted with auxiliary LEDs to extend the light duration when battery levels are low

The KL6-D can be supplied in various optional confgurations including integrated RFID tagging and comms

 Newest LED Cordless Cap Lamp KL6-D                                                                       


Features and benefts:

• Robust design

• Waterproof

• Plug & play cable replacement

• Low maintenance

• Bright light output

• >18hrs running time

• Wide range of chargers available

• Integrate FRID tag available

• 6.8 Ah Battery

     Newest LED Cordless Cap Lamp KL6-D


The BRANDO cordless cap lamp is a mobile miner’s safety lamp.  

The device is attached to a safety helmet, designed to accommodate front mounted attachments, and its power source, battery and housing, is integreted into the cap lamp housing.

The device is primarily designed for underground mining activities and emergency services.


Newest LED Cordless Cap Lamp KL6-D



This product supports life and health in an underground environment. 

Inappropriate use, maintenance or tampering may affect the function of the device and  

therefore compromise the product’s ability to support life and protect against harm




When using the BRANDO Cordless Cap Lamp the following safety instructions must be observed:

•  Device shall be operated by qualified personnel.

•  Before each use, check the functionality of the device.

•  Be aware of the procedures for handling electrostatically sensitive electronics, which include BRANDO cap lamps.

•  This device contains electrostatically sensitive components. Do not open or repair the device without using appropriate electrostatic protection.

•  Be aware of the warranty regulations.

•  Do not charge in hazardous areas.

•  Charge only with approved charging devices.



Newest LED Cordless Cap Lamp KL6-D




Main LED duration

>18 hours

Auxiliary LED duration 

>195 hours



Battery Technology

Lithium battery, 6.8Ah

Charging Time


Charging mode

USB Charger,  cradles/charger rack



Ingress Rating


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